Babes in the Wood (2nd Edition)

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| 2017
Babes in the Wood (2nd Edition)
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Babes in the Wood is a tabletop roleplaying game where players act as various kids & critters to wander an endless mysterious forest on Halloween night.

Encounter the peculiar folks who reside within and help solve their problems while confronting your own relationships & fears. Catch literal lightning bugs for the North Witch's potions, bare witness to the royal cat wedding of Sir Poppy and the Princess, or simply tell tall tales with your friends as you traverse the strange eternal Wood. But be wary: dark forces and foes lie in the tangled depths of the forest and have their sights set on you...

Babes in the Wood is Powered by the Apocalypse. For those familiar with tabletop RPGs already, that means it uses systems similar to those found in Apocalypse World, Masks: A New Generation, or Monster of the Week. If you're not familiar with these titles, it means the system is simple & efficient to get you having fun and being creative collaboratively right away!

BitW is for 2-5 players and a gamemaster (with additional rules for gm-less play!). It is designed to be accommodating to both single session play (like a movie) or short term campaigns (like a TV series or serialized comic book). With just two six-sided dice and this book, fill your group with Big Kids, Lil Kids, Critters, Toys, and Woodschildren and be on your way, facing your fears and chasing your dreams through the mysterious Wood.

BitW is inspired by stuff like Over the Garden Wall, Wizard of Oz, Adventure Time, and more kid-friendly media that rings more surreal & eerie when viewed through adult eyes.

This revised & rewritten 2nd Edition is a complete rebuild of my 2017 game with the same title, now with new moves, character types, goals, and more. Babes in the Wood was the first tabletop RPG I wrote and published and I've learned a lot about both game design & publishing since then and wanted to make the experience more enjoyable for players, simpler to understand, more efficient to realize the game's themes, and be a nicer book through and through.

You don't need to be familiar with the first edition of Babes at all! If you already have the original, you'll love the improvements made for 2e. While they share DNA, Babes in the Wood 2nd Edition is not compatible with the original, it is instead a new game with a similar approach.

The game mechanics encourage creativity, exploration, friendship, jokes, and consolation:

- Sessions are primarily made of visiting varied Hollows, locations in the Wood where curious people live their lives outside of time. In each Hollow, Kids will have opportunities to interact with the strange goings on in the forest, offering their help and creative problem solving skills to those in need. When playing for multiple sessions, you visit many Hollows and help all sorts of people, learning about yourself in the process.
-Between Hollows, the group Wanders the Wood, and based on dice rolls and stats, either come face to face with the FIEND (the embodiment of fear that lurks in forest depths waiting to take advantage of weak willed wanderers) or are offered calm moments of respite during which they tell stories and confide in one another, strengthening their friendships.
-The more afraid the Kids are, the more likely Fear and the Fiend appear in the story, but the more confident and hopeful, the more likely it is they'll have fun instead. The game involves a tug of war between these resources that players interact with to create scares, compassion, drama, and humor in equal parts.


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