The Rot

Av Siri Pettersen

| Del 2 av 3 i serien The Raven Rings
The Rot
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Book two in Siri Pettersen's epic fantasy trilogy - The Raven Rings - now in paperback

She has no identity. No family. No money. But the fate of the worlds rests in her hands. Hirka is stranded in a rotting world, with nothing but a raven and a notebook to connect her to the life she left behind in Ym. She came in search of her family, believing that she could protect Rime and the rest of Ym from the ancient evil of the blind. Instead, what Hirka finds in this new world are people willing to do anything for the blessing--or the curse--of eternal life. And for Rime, the threat of the blind is only growing stronger ... Separated by worlds, unsure who to trust, and in danger from all sides, Hirka and Rime fight to end a thousand-year quest for power and revenge--and, maybe, to find a way back to each other. In this follow-up to the international bestseller Odin's Child, Norse-inspired mythology combines with modern-day action to create a work that is wholly original, endlessly surprising, and utterly unforgettable.


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