The Complete Fundamentals of Drawing

Av Barrington Barber

| 2023
The Complete Fundamentals of Drawing
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This international bestseller is the ultimate guide to the fundamentals of drawing, written by acclaimed practical art author, Barrington Barber.

Barrington Barber's books have helped millions of people around the world achieve the true aim of all artists - to recreate the world around them as they see it, by starting with and perfecting the basics, before encouraging them to allow their artistic personality to come through and create genuine works of art.

In one attractive volume, beautifully illustrated with examples and clearly written throughout, Barrington Barber has produced a must-have practical art book for artists of all abilities. His easy-to-follow writing style and drawing techniques make him the perfect tutor for artists just starting out, as well as those who are already well on their way to drawing competently.

• Still life
• Portraiture
• Landscapes
• Figure drawing

This book is an invaluable reference source for anyone looking to improve their drawing skills, for beginners and more confident artists alike.


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