Mausritter: The Estate Adventure Collection

Rollspel: Äventyr: OSR - Old School Revival

| 2022
Mausritter: The Estate Adventure Collection
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Eleven all-new adventures for Mausritter
Huge and ancient, a mountain of stone. It stood even when the most wizened of mouse elders were young. The Estate dominates the landscape for miles around.

Nestled under the floorboards, the mouse settlement of Brickport, is beset by trouble on every side.

Above, huge creatures pace. The vicious cat-witch Sabrina jealously guards her domain. Outside, in the fields and pond and orchard, even stranger events are afoot. Can you help save the settlement before it’s too late, or will it be swallowed by the chaos that surrounds it?

More to explore than ever before
Escape indoctrination in The Chapel of Eternal Peace, by Diogo Nogueira.
Don't get burned by The Ember Tree, by L.F. OSR
Cure the Queen's handmaiden in Fruit of the Orchard, by Madeleine Ember.
Try not to get eaten by the Giant Snake is in the Sewer, by @gnarledmonster
Find the sludge-coated crown in Mush Rush, by Bodie H.
Battle mutant rats in Science & Sorrow, by Nate Treme.
Race to win the prize of the Song of the Frogacle, by Ema Acosta.
Bend time within The Ticking Tower, by Josiah S. Moore.
Rescue the captive from the Tower of Soot, by Lazy Litch.
Master the magic of The Wizard of Arms and Armour, by Amanda Lee Franck.
Unearth the curse of Workers Work, Rulers Rule, by @skullfungus
Each presented in beautiful fully-illustrated pamphlet format, with included Item and Condition cards.


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