Magic Forest

Pussel: Exit Puzzle

| 2021 | Del 0 av 3 i serien Exit Puzzle Kids Series
Magic Forest
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Ravensburger children's puzzle meets Exit Room: puzzles - puzzles - solve! The Exit Puzzle Kids offer colourful puzzle motifs on which there is a lot to discover, combined with tricky puzzles and exciting stories.

The Exit Puzzle Kids are the ideal toy for young puzzle and puzzle fans from 9 years and offers extensive puzzle fun. By the way, concentration and motor skills are playfully promoted when puzzling and puzzling.

The Ravensburger Exit Puzzle Kids are made of sturdy, durable cardboard in premium quality. The puzzles are classified in different puzzle difficulty levels from easy (1) to hard (5).

The product includes a detailed 368 pieces Ravensburger Exit puzzle in the format 70 x 50 cm for girls and boys from 9 years, a guide including QR code with link to the website with tips and hints and a solution cover

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