Intense Vol 3

Av Kyungha Yi

| Del 3 av 4 i serien Intense
Intense Vol 3
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"Jiwoon won't betray me. He doesn't care about money either. He just does whatever I tell him. I like that." Soohan learns a devastating reality. Jiwoon serves as Yoonshik Kang's sex toy. The powerful mob boss forces Jiwoon to return to the city. Desperate to save his lover, Soohan journeys to his side and quietly joins the mafia. The two men struggle to keep their relationship secret. Little does Soohan know that Jiwoon is also a deadly weapon in Yoonshik's arsenal. In fact, Jiwoon's assignments could potentially throw the entire mob world upside-down. Yoonshik wants to make some big moves. The only way Jiwoon might escape is over his dead body.


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