Dune: House Harkonnen Vol. 3

Av Kevin J. Anderson, Brian Herbert, Michael Shelfer

| Del 3 i serien Dune: House Harkonnen
Dune: House Harkonnen Vol. 3
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The second official, NYT Bestselling prequel to Dune is adapted for the first time by award-winning novelists Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson and artist Michael Shelfer (Domino), unveiling a closer look at the rising conflict between beloved characters and bitter villains. Atomic threats and prophetic visions, deadly villains of destiny, schemes of destruction and death… all coexist with marriage proposals and political tension. But when a terrorist attack threatens the procession, Leto and other legendary characters are in grave danger, and not all will make it out alive! Fateful decisions and unthinkable tragedies, damning accusations, plans of murder, and unconventional yet fateful family… the Baron will find vengeance where he can, and Leto will say a painful goodbye as the hit prequel comes to a close… Collects Dune: House Harkonnen #9–12.


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