Choujin X Vol 1

Av Sui Ishida

| Del 1 i serien Choujin X
Choujin X Vol 1
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Två omaka vänner blir choujins – människor med övermänskliga förmågor – och tvingas bolla skolliv med en ny farlig tillvaro. Egenartad action i samma anda som Sui Ishidas tidigare verk Tokyo Ghoul.

Best friends Tokio and Azuma do everything together, even if most of the time it feels like Tokio is just stumbling along in Azuma’s cooler, more talented footsteps. But when they’re attacked one night by a superhuman mutant called a choujin, Tokio finally has a chance to shine—by turning into a choujin himself!

Being a superpowered creature isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, though. Tokio has to hide his transformation from his family and dodge a truancy charge at school, all while dealing with the increasingly odd incidents happening around town!


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