Boarding Patrol: Aeldari

Figurspel: Figurer: Warhammer: 40.000

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Boarding Patrol: Aeldari
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Boarding Patrol: Aeldari provides a skilled force of elite warriors, perfectly suited to slicing enemies apart in games of Warhammer 40,000 – especially in the dense and deadly Boarding Action missions detailed in the Arks of Omen series – and will save you money compared to buying the kits individually.

The legendary Phoenix Lord Jain Zar leads the raiding party, commanding a squad of her Howling Banshees. Armed with elegant power blades and a paralysing scream, these superlative melee fighters are backed up by deadly Corsairs – piratical Aeldari well accustomed to fighting in the close confines of a starship, armed with a versatile array of exotic weaponry.

This set includes the following:
– 1x Jain Zar
– 5x Howling Banshees, with 1x Banshee shrine icon marker
– 20x Corsair Voidscarred, which can alternatively be built as Corsair Voidreavers

This box can be used to assemble a variety of units – the recommended build for Boarding Action games is Jain Zar, five Howling Banshees, 10 Corsair Voidreavers, and 10 Corsair Voidscarred, each split into five-model squads.


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