Bite Marks

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| 2021
Bite Marks
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Bite Marks - A game of werewolf pack dynamics

The world is raked with teeth and streaked with blood. Living as a werewolf is a precarious balancing act. Emotions are heightened, love tastes sweeter, anger feels sharper and everyday you walk barefoot through streets of broken glass. You are raw and alive. You are Pack.

But if the Pack cannot hold together then all will come to ruin.

The Enforcer knows better than anyone that violence has consequences; the Cub wants a family to love them and the Prodigal just wants to come home and rest their bruised heart.

Packs can be aggressive and toxic and they can be places of joy, love and safety. They can be all these things and more. What will your pack be?

Bite Marks is a role-playing game for 3-5 players about life in a werewolf pack.

This book gives you:
- Rules for telling stories about being a werewolf pack.
- Seven basic character types covering different social roles in the pack.
- Lots of tools for running the game for your friends including advice on how to make emotions bite!

Your pack needs you. The only question is... what are you going to do about it?##


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