At the End of the World

Av Charles E. Gannon, John Ringo

| 2020 | Del 7 av 8 i serien Black Tide Rising
At the End of the World
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Six kids ranging from suburban geeks to street-smart pariahs. A British captain who rarely talks and never smiles. All on the 70-foot pilot house ketch Crosscurrent Voyager, bound on a senior summer cruise to adventure and serious fun.
Except most of the kids don't get along. And they'll be gone all summer. And none of them have sailed before. And worst of all-because they booked at the last minute-they got the destination nobody else wanted: the frigid and remote South Georgia Islands.
But there's one other hitch: They'll never see their families or friends again. Because just days after they leave, a plague starts spreading like wildfire, turning most of its survivors into shrieking, cannibalistic rage-monsters. So with their past dying as fast as the world that shaped it, the kids' hated destination becomes their one hope for survival.
But it's an uncertain hope. Not only are other hostile survivors headed there, but South Georgia Island is unable to support permanent habitation. So if the strange crew of the Voyager doesn't come up with a further plan, they are-in every sense-heading straight toward the end of the world.

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