A Court So Dark

Av Ingrid Seymour

| 2023 | Del 3 i serien Healer of Kingdoms
A Court So Dark
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In a void suspended in time, I find myself trapped in an abyss of darkness and despair.

With every ounce of strength, I fight to free myself from this suffocating sleep, while Kalyll, consumed by a fierce determination, searches tirelessly through the realm. His sole to exact revenge upon those responsible for bringing me to the edge of death. No one shall escape his wrath, for everyone in his path will suffer the consequences.

Yet, the fate of his kingdom teeters precariously as his treacherous brother, Cardian, schemes to plunge the realm into all-out war. Cardian’s alliance with the heartless and ambitious Unseelie King threatens to shatter the fragile peace that remains.

In a cruel twist of fate, Kalyll falls into the clutches of his enemies, leaving the specter of war looming ever closer.

As time runs out, can I wake from my dark slumber and restore the light before the darkness consumes us all? The final battle looms, and our love hangs in the balance.


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