Serie The Weird Tale Collection

Författare: DVD: Horror

Förlagets text:
   The first volume in The Weird Tale Collection contains some excellent adaptations of horror author Robert W. Chambers' work including Aaron Vanek's award winning short feature film inspired by the short story "The Yellow Sign" in the book The King in Yellow.
   In the movie, a young art gallery owner, Tess Reardon (played by Little Giants star Shawna Waldron), is looking for new talent to spark life into her failing business. Haunted by nightmares, she discovers that an artist she dreamt about, Aubrey Scott, actually exists, and she seeks him out. The eccentric painter agrees to a showing of his art, but only if Tess will model for his new work. She grudgingly agrees and begins to regress into a past life from a parallel world, and that everything is not at all as it seems.
   The volume also includes David Leroy's stunning Tupilak (transferred from a 35mm print), and Emiliano Guarneri & David Fragale's mysterious Italian short, The King in Yellow. Bonus materials include a short documentary called "Chambers in Paris", by Chambers' expert, Christophe Thill, plus production stills, outtakes, deleted scenes, audio commentary, and much more.
   - Region 0. Import från USA
   - Ljud: 5.1
   - Språk: engelska
   - Text: franska, spanska, tyska, japanska, finska. Ej svensk text.

- Texten syftar på första delen i serien.