Serie Daphne in the Brilliant Blue

Utgivarens text:
In the far future, global warming has melted the polar ice caps and plunged much of the Earth's landmass into the water. The Ocean Agency now manages the resources and climate of the planet, and Maia is one of the agency's best students. But when she is inexplicably denied entry into the bureaucratic ranks, she is also dismayed to find out that her house has been repossessed. Homeless and desperate, she gets involved with the Neres, a private police force consisting of highly dangerous and skilled women.
Innehåller avsnitt 1-4.
- Region 2. Import från England
- Format: 4:3
- Ljud: 2.0
- Språk: japanska, engelska
- Engelsk text. Ej svensk text

- Texten syftar på första delen i serien.


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