Serie Castlevania

All four episodes from the first season of the American anime based upon the legend of Dracula. After his wife is wrongly mistaken for a witch and burned at the stake, Vlad Dracula Tepes (voice of Graham McTavish) persecutes the people of Wallachia with his army of demons. Despite being exiled the townspeople call upon outcast Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage) from the Belmont clan renowned for their prowess in battle to fight Dracula and his creatures of darkness.
The episodes are: 'Witchbottle', 'Necropolis', 'Labyrinth' and 'Monument'.
- DVD region 2. Import från England.
- Språk: japanska, engelska
- Text: engelska##

- Texten syftar på första delen i serien.


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