A Zombie's History of the United States

Av Joshua Miller

| 2010
A Zombie's History of the United States
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En alternativhistorisk fackbok som beskriver den förtryckta zombieminoritetens öden i USA.
Shedding light on 500 years of suppression, this shocking exposé reveals the pivotal role in American history played by its most invisible minority - zombies.
From colonization and revolution to World Wars and global hegemony, A Zombie's History of the United States tells the powerful and moving stories of this country's living-dead underclass, including:
The zombie massacre of European colonists at Plymouth Rock.
The gruesome killing of a zombinated Meriwether Lewis by his fellow explorer William Clark.
The doomed defense of the Alamo against hordes of the attacking undead.
The heroic, platoon-saving charge into a hail of German fire by an undead Lt. Audie Murphy.
The top-secret NASA missions that launched (and often lost) zombies into space.
The anti-terrorist program to stop the weaponization of the zombie virus.


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