Yamadakun and The Seven Witches 19-20

Miki Yoshikawa

| Del 18 av 20 i serien Yamadakun and The Seven Witches
Yamadakun and The Seven Witches 19-20
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Yamada confronts Ushio to take back the witch power that he stole from Kotori, and to Yamada's surprise, Ushio agrees. Now, with all seven witches gathered together, the Student Council is finally able to hold a ceremony and grant Yamada's wish to reclaim his lost memories. Yamada finally remembers his past with Nancy, Himekawa, and Ushio, and vows to not let the Shogi Club jeopardize his relationships with his friends again. But just as the Student Council begins to plan their defense against the Shogi Club, Ushio has another idea - steal Nancy's witch powers and become the new Seventh Witch!