Yamadakun and The Seven Witches 10

Miki Yoshikawa

| Del 10 av 19 i serien Yamadakun and The Seven Witches
Yamadakun and The Seven Witches 10
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Ryu Yamada är klassens värsting som fick förmågan att byta kropp genom att kyssas efter ett fall i trappan med klassens stjärnelev.
   Yamada has finally made progress in his relationship with Shiraishi, and the Supernatural Studies Club is on its way back to normal thanks to the efforts of Odagiri. But the mysteries surrounding the seventh witch, Rika Saionji, are far from over! Finding a soft side to the enigmatic witch may be the key to fully restoring the memories of Yamada's friends, but to learn about what's really going on with her and Student Council, Yamada will ahve to seek out the shocking truth behind why Leona Miyamura left school. What painful secretss could Leona be hiding about herself, Student Council President Yamazaki, and Saionji?