World of Warcraft: Legion Hardcover Blank Sketchbook


World of Warcraft: Legion Hardcover Blank Sketchbook
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This book contains first 8 pages of art, remaining of 192 total pages are blank to sketch on it.
   From Blizzard Entertainment, the gaming powerhouse behind Warcraftr, Diablor, and Starcraftr, a deluxe illustrated sketchbook inspired by the celebrated art of the classic role-playing game series, World of Warcraft.
   From Azeroth to the frozen kingdom of the Lich King and the savage jungles of war-torn Draenor, Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft has transported millions of players into an epic fantasy universe. Full of humor, adventure and brutal conflict, the game is beloved by fans for its immersive gameplay and colorful, highly stylized visuals. This deluxe blank sketchbook spotlights some of the most impressive artwork created for World of Warcraft and invites fans to partake in the spirit of the series by creating their own works of art on over 170 blank pages.