Wonder Egg Priority

Blu-ray: Anime

| 2021
Wonder Egg Priority
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All 13 episodes of the Japanese animation. Ai (voice of Kanata Aikawa) has recently lost her friend to suicide. When a mysterious voice guides her to a deserted arcade, she finds a Wonder Egg.

In a dream world, the Wonder Egg cracks open to reveal a girl who needs Ai to protect her from monsters. The voice tells her that saving enough people in this world might bring her friend back to life and so Ai decides to buy more Wonder Eggs and protect their inhabitants. The episodes are: 'The Domain of Children', 'The Terms of Friendship', 'A Bare Knife', 'Colourful Girls', 'The Girl Flautist', 'Punch Drunk Day', 'After School at 14', 'The Happy Friendship Plan', 'A Story No One Knows', 'Confession', 'An Adult Child', 'An Unvanquished Warrior' and the special episode 'My Priority'.


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