When They Cry Kai Season 2 Complete Collection

Genre: DVD: Anime (USA)

| Del 2 av 3 i serien When They Cry
When They Cry Kai Season 2 Complete Collection
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Welcome back to Hinamizawa in June of 1983. This time we know that the characters are trapped in an endless cycle until they can find the way to break the curse, and Rika Furude is all too aware of it. She's been reliving the same weeks for hundreds of years and she's ready for the cycle to end. In order to do that, she'll have to mobilize her friends and find out who is really behind all of the deaths attributed to Oyashiro-sama's Curse. Can she pull through this time? Or are she and the others doomed to never live beyond the Cotton Drifting Festival of 1983?
   - DVD region 1. Import från USA
   - Språk: japanska
   - Text: engelska. Ej svensk text.