Vinland Saga

Blu-ray: Vinland Saga

| 2019
Vinland Saga
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All 24 episodes of the Japanese anime based on the manga by Makoto Yukimura. While war rages between England and Denmark in 1013 AD, Thorfinn (voice of Yuto Uemura/Shizuka Ishigami) joins a band of Vikings as he seeks to avenge his father's murder at the hands of the group's leader, Askeladd (Naoya Uchida). The episodes are: 'Somewhere Not Here', 'Sword', 'Troll', 'A True Warrior', 'The Troll's Son', 'The Journey Begins', 'Normanni', 'Beyond the Edge of the Sea', 'The Battle of London Bridge', 'Ragnarok', 'A Gamble', 'The Land On the Far Bank', 'Child of a Hero', 'The Light of Dawn', 'After Yule', 'History of Beasts', 'Servant', 'Out of the Cradle', 'United Front', 'Crown', 'Reunion', 'Lone Wolf', 'Miscalculation' and 'End of the Prologue'.

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