Ultimate Bestiary - Revenge of the Horde

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| 2019 | Ingår i serien Game Masters Toolbox
Ultimate Bestiary - Revenge of the Horde
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In the darkness, in the gaps and cracks, in the forest, in the cavern, the swamp, at the edge of the campfires dwindling glow, they dwell. This book includes: Diverse variations of classic monsters, numerous stat blocks and varying challenge ratings, rich culture and environmental details, and role-playing notes. Revenge of the Horde presents a variety of the classic monstrous races for your tabletop RPG experience, including gnolls, goblins, kobolds, orcs, and trolls, fleshing out their cultures, habits and habitats, and introducing a wealth of stat blocks to challenge your players from level one to the end of their adventuring careers.


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