Tiny Epic Defenders - The Dark War

Gamelyn Games

| 2018
Tiny Epic Defenders - The Dark War
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With The Dark War, there are two gameplay modes: a single battle (which will be much like the base game, but with some new effects) and a campaign, which has three battles-two against generals, and the last against an epic foe.
   The expansion adds experience points (tracked on a card for each player) and some skills. You can gain XP by defending against monsters, and XP can then be spent to use your skills and for a few other effects. You max out at 8 XP, and if you choose, you can spend 8 XP to level up, refilling your health and gaining a new skill.
   Another difference in the expansion is the introduction of caravans, which represent citizens fleeing from the destruction. At the beginning of each round, you take a caravan and check the symbol on the bottom to find out what region it starts in. You can move caravans with you by spending 1 XP, and the goal is to move all the caravans to the capital city. You can only kill the epic foe (or the generals) if all the caravans are safely moved to the capital city.
   There are new region cards in the expansion as well that replace the regions from the base game-each one has a hostile side and a friendly side. You won't use all of these region cards in every game, depending on the game mode. In a single battle, you randomly select one hostile and one friendly region. In the campaign mode, you start with one hostile region, and as you win battles against the generals, you flip them to friendly and add another hostile region.
   If you want to play a single battle, setup is very much like the base game, with the added cards and caravans. For a campaign mode, you will fight through three battles. The first two times, you use a general at the bottom of the horde deck, and you fight it as you would an epic foe. The third time, you place an epic foe at the bottom.