The Trials of Shazam

Judd Winick

The Trials of Shazam
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Billy Batson is Shazam no more! Enter Freddy Freeman who seeks to prove to the gods that he is worthy to be their champion and wield the power of Shazam!
   The powerful wizard Shazam has been destroyed, and his vast responsibility for presiding over the realm of all magic has been shifted to his mightiest champion, Billy Batson. Such a job can only be performed from the Rock of Eternity - thus, Earth is without a defender to balance the worlds of magic and humanity for the first time in centuries.
   Freddy Freeman, Billy's best friend and former sidekick, wants to be that protector, but such an honor must be earned. Powerless, Freddy must embark on a quest to prove to the gods that he is worthy to wield ... THE POWER OF SHAZAM!
   Written by Judd Winick (Batman, Hilo) and featuring the stunning art of Howard Porter (JLA, The Flash) and Mauro Cascioli (Justice League: Cry for Justice), one of comics' oldest and most beloved legends is reimagined for the modern era!
   Collects the entire 12-issue series.