The Snow Song

Av Wray Delaney

| 2020
The Snow Song
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Edith hasn't said a word since the snow came. She listens but she doesn't speak.kkIsolated and forgotten, Edith lives with her alcoholic father in a remote mountain village surrounded by dark woodland.
She is destined never to experience the world beyond the forest, until a shepherd arrives in town, a man so different to the bullies who control Edith's life. Soon the two fall in love and their lives become inexplicably bound together, but in ways no one could have predicted. Because a heartless man known only as the Butcher wants Edith for himself, and he has the power to claim her.
When snow begins to fall, the shepherd disappears, and Edith is left with no choice but to marry the butcher. Stricken with grief, she refuses to speak another word - a simple act of rebellion that will forever change not only her life, but the lives of her fellow villagers.