The Mirkwood Campaign

Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan

| 2018
The Mirkwood Campaign
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The Necromancer may have been cast out of Dol Guldur, but a lingering darkness remains over Mirkwood, a shadow that will grow ever longer as the years draw on - unless a fellowship of heroes step forward and hold back the gloom.
   The Mirkwood Campaign for Adventures in Middle-earth includes enough adventure material to keep you playing for months or even years, and includes new rules that give your heroes a real stake in what happens to the world around them.
   Visit the Parliament of Spiders, do battle with the Nazgûl, meddle in the affairs of Wizards and enter the Halls of King Thranduil. Stand firm against the Shadow and maybe the Darkening can be averted. Falter for even a moment and all that you know and love will be lost.
   Addapted by Jacob Rodgers of The Darkening of Mirkwood for The One Ring, a loose addaptation of The Great Pendragon Campaign set in Tolkien's Middle-earth, The Mirkwood Campaign provides the framework for a truely epic campaign spanning 30 years of history and charting the rise of The Shadow before the Lord of the Rings. If you are intent on running a game of Adventures in Middle-Earth RPG you will want to get your hands on this book.