The Huntsman's Feast - A Trophy Dark Incursion

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| 2020
The Huntsman's Feast - A Trophy Dark Incursion
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Balen Doen has eluded justice for too long and the Guards have had it, posting a bounty large enough to motivate anyone with even an ounce of greed. You and your... friends have become bounty hunters, pursuing Doen out of the city. As his path has come closer and closer to The Forest, the less-bold bounty hunters have turned for home. But you aren't turning back.

Doen has hidden himself in the supposedly-abandoned hunting manor of the Marquess Niral. It sits on the border of The Forest, but surely it can't contain any unforeseen horrors. Can it?

The Huntsman's Feast is a one-shot adventure of dark fantasy for 2-4 players and 1 game master for an about 3 hour session.


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