The Fabulous Art of Trudvang

Riotminds: Drakar och Demoner Trudvang

| 2016
The Fabulous Art of Trudvang
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RiotMinds's fantasy setting Trudvang has become a cult classic in the almost 15 years since the first book was released. The illustrations and artwork has earned a special reputation and a great following. We've developed a setting based on the traditional Scandinavian and Celtic sagas, legends and myths. It's a truly unique fantasy world inspired by the very source of story telling, such as Beowulf, the Icelandic tales, the Finnish epos Kalevala, and also true art masters such as John Bauer and Akseli Gallen-Kallela.
   This book contains some of the most astonishing art from exceptional artists like Paul Bonner, Justin Sweet and Alvaro Tapia, just to mention a few. Throughout the years more than 1000 top class illustrations, and more than 20 covers have passed our doors. Here you find that 224 pages filled with the best of the best of all those illustrations!