The Exiled Dead

Figurspel: Figurer: Warhammer Age of Sigmar

| 2022
The Exiled Dead
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If you love classic horror, then the Exiled Dead are for you. As the story goes, a rogue necromancer experimented with forbidden technology to raise the dead, harnessing the power of electricity – as well as some good old-fashioned dark magic. Deintalos’ shambling Arcwalkers are an abomination, even to others of his kind, so he hit the road to search for a place he could experiment in peace. Now there’s a bit of a zombie problem in Harrowdeep… and soon, the Nethermaze.

Most members of the Exiled Dead – particularly the reanimated ones – begin the game Inspired, and Deintalos uses them to deliver lethal concurrent blows using the powerful Danse Dynamic ability. As well as 32 Exiled Dead cards, the set also comes with 20 universal objective, upgrade, and gambit cards, as well as three more cards for each Grand Alliance.


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