The Book of Rituals


| 2022
The Book of Rituals
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You are a young adept of alchemy. You just found a powerful Book of Rituals. To perform any of them, first, you need to obtain knowledge about elements and alchemical ingredients.

The Book of Rituals contains 3 chapters. In each of them, you need to solve puzzles to find the magical secrets of ancient powers. During your game, you will notice a storyline and you will find some of your old friends. But beware - some of them may turn out to be your enemies.
The Book of Rituals plot happens in the Escape Tales universe - but you don't need to know anything about it to solve the whole book.

While solving the tasks presented in the book, players will assume the role of discoverers of secret knowledge. Each subsequent task will reveal the secrets of the elements, then the alchemical ingredients, to finally allow them to perform various magical rituals. In total, 45 tasks of various formulas and types await players - from less complex puzzles to complex, multi-stage riddles.


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