The Art of Daniel Merriam 2020 Wall Calendar

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The Art of Daniel Merriam 2020 Wall Calendar
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In his artwork, contemporary surrealist Daniel Merriam presents an airy dreamworld of vaguely Victorian characters and architectural wonders. His paintings often seem lit from within but underlaid by an edgy darkness. Merriam (American, b. 1963) grew up in a small Maine village in a household filled with music and creativity. He taught himself to paint at a young age, and later studied mechanical and architectural design before becoming an architectural illustrator. By age twenty-three he had given up a successful commercial art career to pursue his fine art dreams. He built his skills and portfolio with drawings and paintings fueled by fantasy and a romantic sensibility. In 2012 he opened Bubble Street Gallery-an emporium celebrating creativity and the imagination in Sausalito, California-where he and other steampunk-infused artists showcase their work. Merriam's paintings have been exhibited across the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.
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