Tank Girl Forever

Av Jamie Hewlett

Tank Girl Forever
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Tank Girl and the Gang continue their wacky adventures in Volume 2 of the FIRST EVER Tank Girl ongoing series.
What would've Tank Girl and the gang looked like if they'd been created in the Silver Age of comics?
It's time to find out!
Tank Girl's bosom buddy Barney goes off the rails, summoning the spirit of her long-dead friend Joanie, as they battle to destroy the Earth with a giant meteor that looks like a sesame seed.
Meanwhile, Tank Girl, Jet Girl, Sub Girl, and Booga find themselves dressed in vintage comic-book garb, with a wealth of superpowers and ridiculous gadgets.
Sub Girl must enter into Barney's subconscious, and find the core of the rot that is threatening all of mankind, before the meteor impacts and reality unravels forever!


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