Talislanta: The Savage Land (5e)

Nocturnal Media

| 2020
Talislanta: The Savage Land (5e)
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Discover the world of Talislanta in this campaign and setting book fully compatible with the 5th edition of the world's most famous roleplaying game.
   Do you dare to venture into The Savage Land...
   This brutal and primal update to the Talislanta setting features:
   - Talislanta Races and Alignment Rules
   - New Rules for Tribes, Renown and Mass Battles
   - Classless Character Creation & Play
   - All New Skills, Feats & Magic.
   - New Monsters & Enemies
   - Other game mechanics designed to evoke the post-apocalyptic fantasy world of Talislanta.
   Talislanta is a fantasy roleplaying game and game-setting that was first published back in 1986.
   Unlike most RPGs from the 1980s, the Talislanta milieu was not based on traditional Western mythology. It didn't have the usual Tolkien-esque trappings of games like D&D; in fact, ads for the game proudly proclaimed, "No Elves".
   The original Talislanta RPG was inspired by the fantasy novels of Jack Vance, and by other sources such as H.P. Lovecraft's The Dreamlands of Unknown Kadath, Michael Moorcock's Elric novels, and The Travels of Marco Polo.
   The game was set in a strange world of twin suns and seven moons that seemed to be practically overflowing with exotic peoples, places, and creatures. The time was the New Age, a Renaissance-like period that started a thousand or more years after The Great Disaster, a cataclysm that marked the fall of the once-great Archaen Age.
   During this era, Talislanta was still a dangerous place, especially in the wilderness regions that lay beyond the walled cities. But for many who lived in the New Age, there was also a sense of hope, and the possibility of greater things to come.