Starfinder RPG: Beginner Box

Paizo Publishing: Starfinder RPG

| 2019
Starfinder RPG: Beginner Box
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Launch into an exciting universe of science fantasy adventure with the Starfinder Beginner Box! Create and customize your own futuristic hero to play through challenging adventures and action-packed battles against dangerous foes! With streamlined rules, this deluxe boxed set is the ideal introduction to the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, an imaginative tabletop roleplaying game for 2-7 players. Welcome to the best launchpad for a lifetime of pulse-pounding adventure among the stars-the only limit is your imagination!
   The Starfinder Beginner Box has everything you need to get started:
   - A 96-page Heroes' Handbook, detailing character creation and general rules for playing the game, plus a short solo adventure
   - A 96-page Game Master's Guide containing an adventure, alien adversaries, and advice on how to create your own science fantasy tales
   - A complete set of seven polyhedral dice
   - More than 80 full-color pawns depicting diverse heroes and aliens
   - 24 plastic pawn bases
   - Six pregenerated character sheets to throw you right into the action
   - Six blank character sheets to record the abilities of your custom-made hero
   - Six player aid cards for quick rules references
   - A durable, reusable, double-sided Flip-Mat play surface that works with any kind of marker