Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Rebellion Vol 3

Star Wars

| Del 27 av 33 i serien Star Wars Marvel Legends Epic Collections
Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Rebellion Vol 3
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Rebel heroes and Imperial enemies] When Emperor Palpatine sends a spy to a distant planet, will Princess Leia find the enemy within - or drown in a river of chaos? Boba Fett takes on an impossible mission - and Luke Skywalker's newest assignment is no easier] Meanwhile, Darth Vader plans to teach the raptor-like inhabitants of Tiss'sharl a lesson in the use of force] And as Vader closes in on the rebel fleet, the only thing that can save the Alliance is one model officer] But is Imperial Lieutenant Janek Sunber on the wrong side of the war? Plus, a trio of classic Star Wars rarities explore havoc on Hoth - and the dark side of Dantooine] Collecting: Star Wars: River of Chaos 1-4, Star Wars: Empire 28-40, Star Wars 3-D 1-3