Speedpaints - The Sketchworks by Axel Torvenius vol 1

Torvenius Publications

| 2019
Speedpaints - The Sketchworks by Axel Torvenius vol 1
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This is a collection of earlier works by Concept Artist and Art Director Axel Torvenius, made during the period of 2008 to 2012. It is the first book in a series of books focusing on the speedpaints and digital sketches made by Torvenius. The speedpaint technique is a type of digital sketching where the artist tries to nail down as much in an image as possible, in a very short time. The majority of the images in this collection are made on a timer set to 20 min. Some even faster than that and some up to 30 min. All of these images are created from a blank canvas and with no predetermined, fleshed out idea, sketch or agenda. The content herein, is the the result of spontaneous and raw creative sketching.
   Embark on a visual journey that takes you through fantasy landscapes, greedy bounty hunters, monsters, sci-fi weaponry and broken cities. Regardless if the image portrays a run-down city, an inviting ghost or a female techno-wizard, they all share the dark undertone and playfulness of Torvenius aesthetic style.