Sister Street Fighter Collection (Blu-ray)

Genre: DVD: Japan

Sister Street Fighter Collection
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Collection of Japanese action dramas starring Etsuko Shihomi.
   In Sister Street Fighter (1974) Li Koryu (Shihomi) travels to Yokohama to look for her brother, an undercover policeman, who has gone missing. While there, she discovers a drug smuggling organisation and takes it upon herself to infiltrate the ring and put a stop to the illegal activity.
   In Sister Street Fighter: Hanging By a Thread (1974) Shihomi stars as Li Hong-Long who goes in search of a woman who has been kidnapped by diamond smugglers.
   In Return of the Sister Street Fighter (1975) a crime lord uses a unique method of choosing his next opponent, a method which picks Li Hong-Long.
   Finally, in Sister Street Fighter: Fifth Level First (1976), karate enthusiast Kiku Nakagawa (Shihomi) vows to avenge her friend's brother's death.