Short Story Collection

Av Michael Chu, Brandon Easton, Christie Golden, Alyssa Wong

Short Story Collection
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Enter the world of Overwatch, the smash-hit from Blizzard Entertainment, in this five-story anthology chronicling some of the video game’s most fascinating and celebrated characters, now available for the first time in print!

Since its initial launch in 2016, Overwatch has captivated the imaginations of over 50 million players worldwide. Now fans can join some of the game’s most iconic heroes?and villains?on a series of missions ranging from the lush Caribbean to southern India, and everywhere in between. Authored by some of the most compelling voices in science fiction today, including Michael Chu, Brandon Easton, Christie Golden, and Alyssa Wong, this short story anthology is rife with themes of love and loss, ambition and despair, alliances and conflict, all pointing toward a common hope, that the future is worth fighting for.


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