RIN-NE Vol 34

Av Rumiko Takahashi

| Del 34 av 40 i serien RIN-NE
RIN-NE Vol 34
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Manga legend Rumiko Takahashi's lighthearted tale of a girl who can see ghosts and a boy from the beyond.
After a mysterious encounter in her childhood, Sakura Mamiya gained the power to see ghosts. Now a teenager, she just wishes the ghosts would leave her alone! Then one day she meets Rinne Rokudo, a boy who is far more than what he seems.
When some late exorcism fees are finally deposited in Rinne's account, he informs Sakura that he'll pay off all his debt to her. Meanwhile, after a fight with her parents over her credit card, Ageha runs away to stay at Rinne's place! When Sakura hears about it, she gets the wrong impression. Can Rinne set her straight?