Red Hood Outlaw Vol 3: Generation Outlaw

Av Scott Lobdell

| Del 3 i serien Red Hood Outlaw Collections
Red Hood Outlaw Vol 3: Generation Outlaw
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New Outlaws in Town!

Babe in Arms. Cloud 9. DNA. Devour. Meet the next generation of villains-in-the-making!

Jason Todd is tasked with transforming a group of troublesome teens into a new cohort of unique supervillains at Lex Luthor's request, but training the new Outlaws proves to be more challenging than actually being a villain. When a rogue S.T.A.R. Labs test subject sends the city into chaos, this class takes a field trip to put their skills to the test.

The rookie regime of Outlaws faces off against the former Outlaws with the return of Jason's estranged friends Artemis and Bizarro. Who will win in the tense battle between allies and foes?

Writer Scott Lobdell (Teen Titans, Nightwing) and artists Kenneth Rocafort (Sideways, Superman) and David Messina (Catwoman) introduce a new generation of Outlaws in Red Hood: Outlaw Vol. 3: Generation Outlaw. Collects Red Hood: Outlaw #37-42.


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