Princess Principal Collection (Blu-ray)

Genre: DVD: Anime (Europa)

Princess Principal Collection
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All 12 episodes of the Japanese anime set in Albion in the 1900s. In the divided land there is a Commonwealth plot to replace the Kingdom's Princess Charlotte (voice of Akira Sekine) with Ange (Ayaka Imamura). However, Charlotte offers to work for the Commonwealth herself in exchange for help in becoming queen.
   The episodes are: 'Wired Liar', 'Dancy Conspiracy', 'Vice Voice', 'Roaming Pigeons', 'Bullet & Blade's Ballad', 'Rouge Morgue', 'Loudly Laundry', 'Ripper Dipper', 'Pell-mell Duel', 'Comfort Comrade', 'Humble Double' and 'Fall of the Wall'.
   - Blu-ray region B/2. Import från England.
   - Format: 1080p
   - Ljud: DTS-HD
   - Språk: Japanska, engelska
   - Text: Engelska, ej svensk text