Pride & Prejudice Dubbelsidigt Pussel 252 bitar

Pussel: Jane Austen

| 2008
Pride & Prejudice Dubbelsidigt Pussel 252 bitar
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Bring the pages of your favourite storybooks to life with these stunning 250-piece jigsaw puzzles. Featuring a mix of classic literary titles, from The Jungle Book to Romeo and Juliet, each puzzle is double-sided. One side shows a passage from the book and the other a beautiful design mirroring the original illustrations. Perfect for book lovers of all ages, you’ll be able to build your own unique library, one puzzle at a time.

Ubiquitous amongst literary scholar’s “most-loved books” lists, Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice remains one of the most popular British novels. Featuring Elizabeth Bennet – a character as complex as she is admirable – and her arrogant romantic interest Mr. Darcey, the book’s brave hero’s, despicable villains, humour and suspense entire it remains relevant for modern readers, despite being publish over 200 years ago. Film and television adaptions continue to ensure that Austen’s prized work is enjoyed time and time again.

Just one title in our Jigsaw Library, this 252-piece double-shed puzzle features a beautiful illustration on one side, with an extract from the book on the other, making it the perfect gift for both book lovers and puzzlers.


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