Preacher, The Final Season (Blu-ray)

Genre: DVD: Horror

| 2017 | Del 4 av 4 i serien Preacher
Preacher, The Final Season
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As our story inches closer to the finale, God's endgame for the universe begins to click into place. Trapped between heavenly prophecies, hellish prisons and all-out nuclear war, Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy make their bloody way to the Most High. Whether they can reach God in time - or whether all this carnage is part of His divine plan - will soon be revealed as Preacher barrels towards the end of the world.
   - Europeisk blu-ray B/2. Import från England.
   - Format: 16:9 HD 1080p
   - Språk: engelska
   - Text: ej svensk text