No Guns Life: Season One

Blu-ray: Anime

| 2019 | Del 1 av 1 i serien No Guns Life
No Guns Life: Season One
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The first 12 episodes of the Japanese anime series set in the future where many humans are now cyborgs following a war that saw soldiers operated on to make them lethal killing machines.

Known as the Extended, these former soldiers now partake in criminal activity as a means of survival.

Juzo Inui (voice of Junichi Suwabe) is an Extended and private investigator who takes on cases relating to civil unrest between humans and the Extended.

When an injured teenager, Tetsuro Arahabaki (Daiki Yamashita), who has been experimented on is brought to Juzo he does all he can to protect him.

The episodes are: 'Renegade Extended', 'Extended Remote-Control Device', 'Puppet', 'Trigger', 'EMS', 'Hero', 'Overheat', 'Will', 'Reverberation', 'Phantom Limb', 'Owner' and 'Ghost'.


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