Nightwing Rebirth Deluxe Collection Book 2

Av Tim Seeley

| Del 2 i serien Nightwing Rebirth Deluxe Collections
Nightwing Rebirth Deluxe Collection Book 2
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The second two volumes of Tim Seeley's NIGHTWING are collected in one hardcover for the first time, as Nightwing returns to Bludhaven to protect his adopted hometown!

Dick Grayson is back in Gotham's neighboring city, but with him comes old villains. Professor Pyg. Blockbuster. The Court of Owls. But none may be as deadly as his former ally... the current Boy Wonder, Damian Wayne! Nightwing's solo adventures from the Rebirth era continue here in NIGHTWING: THE REBIRTH DELUXE EDITION BOOK 2 written by Tim Seeley (GRAYSON) with art by rising star Javier Fernandez (RED HOOD/ARSENAL) and others. Collects NIGHTWING: REBIRTH #16-29.


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