Naruto Shippuden Complete Season 6

DVD: Anime

| Del 20 av 38 i serien Naruto Shippuden
Naruto Shippuden Complete Season 6
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Episodes 245-296. A trio of young ninjas, Naruto (voice of Junko Takeuchi), Sasuke (Noriaki Sugiyama) and Sakura (Chie Nakamura), are schooled together in the village hidden in the leaves. Each desires to become a ninja for different reasons and will face his or her own personal battles along the way.
The episodes are: 'The Next Challenge! Naruto Vs. the Nine Tails', 'The Orange Spark', 'Target: Nine Tails', 'The Fourth Hokage's Death Match!', 'Thank You', 'Battle in Paradise! Odd Beast Vs. the Monster!', 'The Man Named Kisame', 'The Angelic Herald of Death', 'The Bridge to Peace', 'The Super Secret S-Rank Mission', 'The Artist Returns', 'Assemble! Allied Shinobi Forces!', 'Meeting', 'Rivals', 'Rift', 'Parting', 'For My Friend', 'War Begins', 'Sai and Shin', 'Secrets of the Reanimation Jutsu', 'An Old Nemesis Returns', 'The First and Last Opponent', 'The Brilliant Military Advisor of the Hidden Leaf', 'Battleground!', 'Forbidden Words', 'Golden Bonds', 'Road to Sakura', 'Mifune Vs. Hanzo', 'True Kindness', 'The Complete Ino-Shika-Cho Formation!', 'A Message from the Heart', 'Attack of the Gedo Statue', 'Unison Sign', 'Medic Ninja in Danger', 'White Zetsu's Trap', 'Aesthetics of an Artist', 'The Allied Mom Force!!', 'The Secret Origin of the Ultimate Tag Team!', 'Two Suns', 'The Helmet Splitter - Jinin Akebino!', 'User of the Scorch Style - Pakura of the Sand!', 'Things You Can't Get Back', 'One Worth Betting On', 'Danger - Jinpachi and Kushimaru!', 'The Lightning Blade - Ameyuri Ringo!', 'Power: Episode 1', 'Power: Episode 2', 'Power: Episode 3', 'Power: Episode 4', 'Power: Episode 5', 'Power: Final Episode' and 'Naruto Enters the Battle!'.
- DVD region 2. Import från England.
- Språk: japanska, engelska
- Text: engelska, ej svensk text


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