Av Yahtzee Croshaw

| 2010
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Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw är mest känd som kolumnist i PC Gamer och för sina spelrecensioner under titeln "Zero Punctuation" i "The Escapist". Som väntat har hans debutroman hög datorspelsfaktor.

In a world full to bursting with would-be heroes, Jim couldn't be less interested in saving the day. His fireballs fizzle. He's awfully grumpy. Plus, he's been dead for about sixty years. When a renegade necromancer wrenches him from eternal slumber and into a world gone terribly, bizarrely wrong, all Jim wants is to find a way to die properly, once and for all.
On his side, he's got a few shambling corpses, an inept thief, and a powerful death wish. But he's up against tough odds: angry mobs of adventurers, a body falling apart at the seams - and a team of programmers racing a deadline to hammer out the last few bugs in their AI.