Martian Successor Nadesico, Complete Collection (Blu-ray+DVD)

Genre: DVD: Anime (Europa)

Martian Successor Nadesico, Complete Collection
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All 26 episodes of the Japanese animated series following the exploits of Akito Tenkawa (voice of Yuji Ueda) aboard the space battleship Nadesico.
   The episodes are: 'To Go 'Like a Man!'', 'Leave the 'Blue Earth' to Me', 'A 'Goodbye' That Came Too Soon!', ''Charmed' By Aqua Space', 'Ruri's 'Navigation Logs'', 'Sort of Like a 'Fateful Decision'', 'The 'Song That You Will Sing' One Day', 'The Luke Warm 'Cold Equation'', 'The Miracle Operator of 'the Kiss?'', 'The Dangers of 'Femininity'', 'Finding Yourself in a 'Routine Plot'', 'Those 'Unforgettable Days'', 'There Is No 'Single Truth'', 'Let's Go With 'Hot Blooded Anime'', 'The 'Significant Other' from a Star Far Away', 'The Beginning of 'Nadesico's War'', 'A 'Reunion That Came Too Late'', 'Echoes of 'Self', Echoes of Water', 'You're the Next 'Captain' of the Nadesico', 'Run Silent, Run Deep', 'The Meadows We Once Ran Across', 'Protect the Visitor?', 'A Place We Call Home', 'Ubiquitous Righteousness', 'Being Myself, Being Yourself' and 'For the Lady We Will Meet Someday'.