Mad Science

HP Lovecraft Historical Society

| 2019 | Del 22 av 22 i serien Dark Adventure Radio Theatre
Mad Science
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Dark Adventure Radio Theatre: Mad Science brings four tales of horror and science to life in a 1930s-style radio drama. H.P. Lovecraft's stories Beyond the Wall of Sleep and From Beyond join his collaborations The Electric Executioner and Winged Death in this thrilling audio experiment. The tales come alive with a cast of professional actors, exciting sound effects and thrilling original music by Reber Clark. Click here for more information about our other Lovecraft stories in the Dark Adventure Radio Theatre series. They're like movies you can enjoy with your eyes closed.
   This special anthology episode brings together four tales of science at its strangest and most terrifying. Can a doctor penetrate the mysteries of a simple patient's bizarre and fantastical dream life in Beyond the Wall of Sleep? Can an investigator survive a weird encounter with a deranged inventor in The Electric Executioner? Can a scheme of revenge be carried out through strange entomological means in Winged Death? And what horrors shall be revealed by a scientist's strange resonating machine in From Beyond?
   The CD edition will feature the 70-ish minute audio show plus a collection of props to enhance your listening experience. Current plans include:
   a clipping from the New York Times, detailing the mysterious appearance of a new star in the heavens
   an urgent notice from the Pinkerton Detective Agency about an employee run amok
   a page torn from Dr. Moore's Diptera of Central and Southern Africa with some revealing notes
   an invitation to a gathering of electrical engineers, hosted by none other than Nikola Tesla


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